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Eat Your Yard

Yes it is possible to incorporate attractive food producing perennials, trees and bushes into your landscape. We believe a yard should be more than a postage stamp sterile environment. It should be a place that feeds mind, body and spirit, a place to share nature with children, family and neighbors.
The Good Food Movement

Edible Landscape & Garden Plants

We are a provider of wholesale berry and bramble bushes, selected herbs and perennial tea and Salad gardens. We also sell retail at selected farmers markets that support the CSA-“Community supported Agriculture” concept.
Growing Power

Cactus and Succulents

We are primarily a wholesaler of 2”,4”and 6” cactus and succulents, focusing on locally grown and acclimated specimens. We also offer dish gardens and select, unusual hanging baskets. We work with interior and exterior landscape designers & installers on water thrifty container garden ideas.
High Mowing Organic Seeds

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Dish Gardens

Dish Gardens. 8” and 4”. $10 & $20 per pot.

from $10.00

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Fish Emulsion Seaweed Extract

Fish Emulsion Seaweed Extract, a greatly balanced organic fertilizer can be used on the soil and foliage.

from $12.00

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Fruit Cove Cactus and Foliage

We are a family run Farm-Nursery specializing in Cactus, Succulents and Edible Landscape and Garden Plants. We firmly believe in practicing organic principles and sustainable agriculture practices. Our farm uses composting, vermiculture, rainwater reclamation, aquiponics, chicken production for a manure source and mushroom production from waste wood reclamation as part of our sustainable practices.

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Consultations and Workshops

Would you love to have a more edible yard but don’t know where to start? We offer one-on-one consultations at your location for $30. per hour, to help discuss and implement ways to make yours a more edible yard. This can include soil PH testing and a visionary sketch of your site based on our discussions. We also offer Organic Gardening Workshops for 3 or more person at $30 per person.

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